The Craft Journal: Week of 3rd June

All set up to make resin jewellery at Stanwick Lakes!

Hi Everyone!

Monday signals the start of a new week and another instalment of my ramblings in The Craft Journal.

This week is the start of Christmas for crafters. It’s the time when we think about making all our cards and gifts for our family and friends. For those of us who sell our makes, it’s also the time we start making up all the lovely items to sell at craft fairs! So don’t be surprised if you start to see a few snowflakes creeping into our social media accounts!

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The Craft Journal: Week of 27th May

Does anyone actually enjoy sewing in their ends?


It looks as though summer has finally arrived, the sun is shining and lots of outdoor activities are on the horizon. It’s been another busy week here in the crafty house. So let’s get on with the show!

Monday 27th May

Having spent the Sunday night at Mr Crafts’ parents’ house we spent Monday afternoon driving home. This left me a little time to sew in the ends of my alternative dune, a task I was not looking forward to! So I made the most of being stuck

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The Craft Journal: From 20th May

New things are coming!

Hello Crafters! I am finally starting to recover from my cold! I am still very much bunged up and I can’t hear a great deal, but otherwise I am pretty good.

Last week was a bit of a mixed bag. I had lots of ideas for the blog but I couldn’t pull them all off as I felt so poorly! That just means I have more crafty projects and tips for you this week!

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The Craft Journal: Week of 13th May

Ahh last Monday, a simpler time.  A time when my nose was not bright red and I didn’t have to breathe through my mouth. Fear not, fair readers, for I will battle through the pain of a chapped nose to bring you this, this week’s glorious instalment of The Craft Journal.

Working on background designs for the paper crafting kit
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The Craft Journal, 06/05/19

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely (and creative) week! Last week was a busy one for me, I had meetings, filmed videos and unexpectedly I started a second dune blanket. (I know, I know, just go with me on this one!) Without further ado (and because I need to ride this wave of motivation after a particularly taxing bit of life admin!) lets go on with the craft!

The “original” dune
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The Craft Journal: From April 29th

This lovely bag of squishiness has been keeping me very happy

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a lovely bank holiday! The last week has been really great and I feel like it has absolutely flown by. I have had a few people get in touch with me asking for advice for various crafty things which is really fantastic. I set up this blog in order to help people get into craft and to inspire people to try some new things, so it is really great to be able to help you all on your crafting journey. What you may not realise is that your questions and queries actually inspire me and give me new ideas for blog content. So I would like to say thank you to all of you who follow the blog or our social media and all of you who have got involved already! It really does mean so much to me.  So if there is

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The Craft Journal – 08/04/19 South Africa Special

Hi! How is everyone? I am now back and just about in the swing of things again following an absolutely amazing holiday in South Africa. It was lovely to get away and do so many special things and it was amazing to be able to share in a second wedding for our friends and meet their lovely family! Anyway, it seems the last time I posted in the craft journal was three weeks ago, I have a lot of writing to do! Don’t worry, I will try and stick to just the crafty bits!

A beautiful lioness of the Timbavati
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The Craft Journal, 01/04/19

Hi there! I am writing to you from above the clouds! That’s right! I’m on my way to wedding number two! This time it’s gone global. The last two weeks have been super busy in the George Crafts household. Not only have we been getting ready for two weddings and a holiday (I think I saw a film about that once), our bathroom has been out of action for the second week running! So Mr Crafts has had to fix the bathroom as well as working from home. As such he is currently comatose in the seat next to me. But anyway, on with the crafting.

This last week was a lot about meetings. So fasten your seatbelts, secure your tray tables in the upright position and locate your nearest emergency exit as I tell you all about it.

Monday 1st April

I am very happy to tell you that I have written a selection of projects for The Creative Craft Blog. This is run by a lovely lady called Melissa, who also runs Creative Craft Supplies. Creative Craft Supplies stock a huge range of felt and fabrics (including EN17 – suitable for toy making) as well as lovely craft kits you can get your hands on. The felt and fabrics come in all manner of gorgeous colours and designs (including glitter!) so I strongly urge you to take a look! You will find them here!

Time to get the beads out!

I spent Monday morning designing two more projects for Melissa’s blog to go with the project I designed on Saturday. In the afternoon I wrote up the instructions to make the projects. Then I made each project and took photos for each step. I edited all the photos into one image and sent this off with the instructions. After that, I filmed a tutorial for beaded crochet, edited the footage and uploaded that too!

I am going to keep the projects a secret for now and when the post is published I will tell you all about it. For now I’ll give you some clues to keep you guessing. The projects combine beading, crochet and jewellery making. The main material used is felt. The techniques used are all inspired by paper crafting techniques. I hope when the projects are published you enjoy making them, as I tried to include a little something for everyone!

Tuesday 2nd April

I was extremely excited for Tuesday. I had a meeting arranged with a lady called Becky from Stanwick Lakes (where I took photos for the mosaic paper crafting kit). We met to talk about the possibility of me volunteering for the ancestral garden project. I showed Becky my blog and some of the card samples I had made from the mosaic kit and I am pleased to say I am going to be involved the wider Settlers of the Nene Valley project (which the garden is part of). I will be looking at getting the community involved with the heritage of craft and industry in the local area. I really cannot wait to get started! I already have some ideas ticking over and I hope some of you will come and join in!

The lunch of champions

After the meeting I went to Rushden Lakes, ate a celebratory lunch (hot chocolate, cake and toastie) and bought sun cream (which didn’t cost me a thing thanks to my Boots’ points). I had an evening of photo editing and posting photos of the card samples on the blog after getting home.

Wednesday 3rd April

I drove over to mum’s and had a shower and washed my hair (luxury). Then mum and I walked round to see my nan and the three of us went to afternoon tea. Left overs were boxed up for Mr Crafts who was busy plastering the bathroom wall (at great speed given we had a wedding to go to on Saturday).

I also got an Amazon delivery. I had ordered some bamboo crochet hooks as I had planned to crochet on the plane to South Africa. Overall I was quite pleased with the item when it arrived. I paid £8.99 and got several hooks, six plastic darning needles, stitch markers, buttons, metal darning needle, tape measure, an odd metal coil (which I think is for using in colour work), scissors (which actually look a lot like a pregnancy test) and a neat little pouch to store everything in. I would have been thrilled with my purchase, had I not received two 5.5 mm hooks instead of a 5 and 5.5 mm hook. But hey, for £8.99 I’m happy.

Phoebe inspects the merchandise

I had a play with some beads in the evening. I was not in a great mood (having had a pretty bizarre conversation with somone who shall remain nameless) but I wanted to achieve something. I tried designing a jewellery project for the blog and filmed a jewellery making tutorial on crimp beads and calotte fastenings. I attempted to make some jewellery for the wedding on Saturday, but I honestly really didn’t like the finished piece so I didn’t publish a project (even though I had taken step by step photos) . However I was happy with the tutorial and you can watch that here.

Thursday 4th April

I had appointments on Thursday and went into town to pick up mosquito repellant and anti malaria medication. I also “just happened” to be passing Coleman’s so I popped in for a browse. I saw some lovely dies, embellishments and beads all in the sale so I had to buy them. It would have been rude not to, especially as I had a £5 voucher burning a hole in my pocket!

At home I had a second attempt at making some jewellery for the wedding. This attempt did go slightly better, so when I get home from holiday will rite up a project for something similar for you all to have a go at.

Friday 5th April

In the morning I had my nails done (acrylics with gel polish and glitter, for those of you who were wondering) and in the afternoon I went to my happy place, Scotch Lodge Farm, for the weekly meeting of the woolly workers! I think it was the first time I stopped all week and it was so nice. Doubly nice because it was someone’s birthday and there was cake. Oh boy was that cake good! After woolly workers it was straight back home for a quick tidy up and dinner before making a wedding card for our friends. However the highlight of my day was being able to have a shower at long last and to be able to wash my hair. Sheer bliss!

This was so unbelieveably good

Saturday 6th April

The day of Sophie and John’s UK wedding. All packed up and on the road to Manchester. Mr Crafts was driving and I had forgotten how long (and boring) the drive to Manchester was. I spent some time looking for a pattern for a crochet shawl. I found a lovely pattern on Ravelry (thanks to Hilary for the tip!) which I hope to have a go at on when I fly to South Africa (did I mention, I’m going to South Africa?), the pattern is called moonlit arches if anyone wants to have a go at it! (find it here)

I spent the rest of the car ride wanting to start my shawl, but I couldn’t for two reasons. One, I didn’t bring my yarn or my hooks (won’t be making that mistake again!) and two the project is for doing when I am on holiday. I am fairly sure that only one of those reasons would truly have stopped me from making a start on the shawl and I think we all know which one that is.

The wedding was really lovely. Sophie looked beautiful in a gown which had been made by one of the guests at the wedding. There was tea and cake in the church hall and the reception was just beautiful. The venue was on the university campus in an old library. The food was absolutely delicious and the decorations were gorgeous. I took lots of pictures and snaffled as much wedding paraphernalia as possible so that I can make a scrapbook of the day for them and possibly some digital art.

Congratulations John and Sophie!

Sunday 7th April

Mr Crafts and I drove back home from the wedding. We got home at about 4. The plan was to get packed, however we both fell asleep on the sofa. Leading to packing in the wee small hours. I made sure that my crochet pattern had been printed off. My flight safe crochet kit was packed carefully into the hand luggage along with a note book, diary and pens. So rest assured, even though I am on holiday there will still be time for crafting.

All ready to go!

The Craft Journal – From 25th March

One of my “making for fun” projects.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first journal entry! I’m super excited. I wanted to do this on Monday, however I got a little side tracked. Today I have been busy busy busy with something very exciting! So this is coming to you’re a little later than planned!

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