The Craft Journal: 5th August

The Beach at Storms River Mouth National Park
South Africa

Hello Crafters!

Last week was a bumper week of activity on the blog. Along with our regular posts there were a few added extras, including the first ever George Crafts cutting files! More items have been added to the Folksy Shop and preparations for the up-coming craft fair began. There’s a lot to unpack here so we had best get started.

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The Craft Journal, 22nd July

I do love a squishy parcel!

Well crafters it is another lovely sunny day outside, and by sunny day I mean the sun is shining and the skies are blue and it is not swelteringly hot! Last week I had an awful lot of planning to do for the Crafternoon that I hosted over the weekend! So settle down with a snack and a drink and I will tell you all about it!

Monday 22nd July

After completing last week’s edition of The Craft Journal I had a lot of preparations to do! I spent most of the afternoon making up activity packs for the next day! Each pack

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The Craft Journal: 15th July

The very snuggly, Senset Arches Shawl

Hello Crafty Friends!

Last week seems really far away! I seem to have started so many crochet projects in the last seven days I can hardly keep up with myself! The highlight of these projects has to be the Sunset Arches Shawl, which I managed to start and finish in three days, more on that later! There’s a lot for me to look forward to this week and I can’t wait to share it with all of you, but for now we’ll round up the picks of last week’s best content.

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The Craft Journal: July 8th

Ths week’s art journaling prompt was all about mindfulness

Hello crafters!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend! I have had a few crafty projects on the go over the last week but I didn’t get quite as much done as I would have liked. For some reason I have been feeling very washed out lately, but it seems to be improving. Anyway, it’s time to begin our round up of crafty happenings!#

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The Craft Journal – July 1st

Hello Crafters!

A prize for Irish Retriever Rescue

Welcome to another week! It’s time for a round-up of the crafty goings on, and it has been another busy week! I hope you have all been able to go out and enjoy the sunshine last week, I was hoping to spend Saturday outside filming, but the weather had other plan, more about that later. Let’s get stuck into the good stuff!

Monday 1st July

I tackled Monday head on! I posted last week’s Craft Journal, set up a Facebook event for a Mind Crafternoon, created a Just Giving page and made some jewellery. I am inviting friends and family to my house for a Crafternoon to learn all bout crochet, journaling and jewellery making. We are hoping to make some money for the mental health Mind so there will be a raffle and a sweepstake as well as a few other things! If you want to host your own Crafternoon you can find out more here.

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The Craft Journal: June 24th

Hello Lovely Crafters!

Who knew I could draw a sewing machine?!

Once again the beginning of the week has come around and once again it’s time to get stuck into this week’s instalment of The Craft Journal.

I’m going to be completely honest with you all. The last couple of weeks have been pretty trying for me. Motivation has been at an all-time low and I have been struggling to finish anything I have started. Last week I decided that I was going to do the bare minimum for the blog and focus on myself. It was hard, but I definitely feel much better.

Anyway, a new week is here and I have a lot planned for the blog this week so keep your eyes peeled for a few projects to keep you occupied!

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The Craft Journal: Week of June 17th

Hello Crafters!

A week of ups and downs.

It’s been a roller coaster of a week. I started well had a wobble in the middle and came out the other side of last week kicking and screaming. If you want to find out more read on! Be advised, I did take out my sewing machine. I did some actual sewing. I made an actual thing. I will not be doing it again in a hurry!

Monday 17th June

A super productive day! I did all my planning and my food shop. I made a trip to the post office to post some post cards for post crossing and I got a video filmed.

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The Craft Journal: Week of 3rd June

All set up to make resin jewellery at Stanwick Lakes!

Hi Everyone!

Monday signals the start of a new week and another instalment of my ramblings in The Craft Journal.

This week is the start of Christmas for crafters. It’s the time when we think about making all our cards and gifts for our family and friends. For those of us who sell our makes, it’s also the time we start making up all the lovely items to sell at craft fairs! So don’t be surprised if you start to see a few snowflakes creeping into our social media accounts!

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