The Craft Journal: 6th January

The first page in the new Settlers’ Diary

Hi craft fans!

I have had a little bit of a strange week. Mr Crafts was supposed to be away in Salt Lake City for work until today, but he came home early as he was unwell! That meant I had to change some plans last minute to go and get him from the airport. It did however mean that I got to go to Woolly Workers on Friday, which was a little bonus!

I actually got quite a few things done this week, although it really doesn’t feel that way. I am hoping for a far more productive week this week. With that in mind I am going to get down to business and kick of the first post of the week!

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Festive Round Up – Happy 2020!

My Handmade tweaks to the dinner table

Hello Crafters!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy 2020. I am super excited and motivated for this year with George Crafts! I have promised myself to be more organized in the hopes that this will bring more consistency to my content and I already have events booked up for January and June this year!

I thought today I would do a little bit of a festive round up, instead of the traditional Craft Journal post. I have been so busy over the past few months preparing for Christmas, and a lot of those preparations have been crafty!

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The Craft Journal – 2nd December

I hope it tastes as good as it looks!

Hello Crafters!

This comes to you a little later than planned, and this week Mr Crafts has to take a little bit of the blame for this! A few weeks ago Mr Crafts broke (another) car key, and he hadn’t managed to get a new one cut.

This morning I went food shopping and planned to go in to Timpson’s to get the key re-cased while I did the shopping. Unfortunately Timpson was closed for lunch so I had to get the key sorted after the shopping. The key took another half an hour to get re-cased so I had to go back inside to the café for a hot chocolate and a read of a magazine.

Anyway Mr Crafts has now gone Christmas shopping, with his new car key so I want to make the most of the peace and quiet and get some crochet done, so I had best get on!

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The Craft Journal – 25th November

Yay to all the sleeves being done!

Hello Crafters!

I hope you are all well into your Christmas preparations by now. This last week has been Christmas chaos! The majority of the week was spent getting ready for the Christmas Lights Switch on in town (big success). I feel well and truly in the Christmas mood. There are more fairs to go to, more jumpers to make and more festivities to plan!

That must mean I have to get on with this blog post!

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The Craft Journal – 18th November

Just some of the Christmas cards I have been making

Hi Craft Fans!

This week we have a little bit of a craft journal with a difference. The second half of last week was a little quiet on the blog and our social media platforms. This is mostly because I had lots of real life things to do (I know, how disappointing) as well as trying to make a hole in my Christmas preparations.

In the theme of having lots to do, I best get on with writing!

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The Craft Journal, Week of 11th November

One of the more successful pieces of content creation this week

Hello Crafty Friends,

I hope you have had a productive week! This week I am definitely starting to feel festive. I have been looking at making some Christmas crafting videos for you all AND I have been to the first of many Christmas craft fairs! Anyway, I have lots to tell you, as usual, so I best get on.

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The Craft Journal, Week Beg 4th November

A beautiful view to end a wonderful day

Hello Crafters!

It has been another busy week in the Crafty house. This week I have led my second ever jewellery workshop and I feel like I’ve got my blogging mojo back. You will have noticed a lot more content being posted. This is something I feel extremely happy about, for a while I feel like I have only been posting once a week, and I really want to do more than that!

Anyway, a lot has happened in the last seven days and I want to tell you all about it! So please, sit back, grab something caffeinated on this Monday and have a read of my ramblings!

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The Craft Journal: 28th October

Coming soon to a Folksy Store near you!

Hello Crafters!

I hope you have all had a wonderfully crafty weekend. I think I am getting back to normality now. Last week was a busy one for me; this week is not looking quite so manic. You will have seen on the blog a few holiday related posts. You can read my top travel tips for crafty jet setters here, or if you want to read all about my trip to the USA, you can do that here. Anyway I have a lot to cover over the last seven days so buckle up and let’s get on with it!

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USA Round-Up!

Yosemite in the Sunshine

Hello Crafters!

For those of you who don’t know, I have been away on holiday! I have been in the USA as it was my birthday and Mr Crafts bought me tickets to see Lady Gaga in Las Vegas last year for my previous birthday! Some of you may have seen my travel guide for crafters, if you haven’t  you can see it here. Otherwise keep reading to see how Mr Craft’s and I travelled two three states in 10 days!

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The Craft Journal – 26th September

Hi Crafters!

All of these projects will be made over the two jewellery making wokshops

Today I have been down to Stanwick Lakes organising two jewellery making workshops which will be happening in October and November! I am very excited. Not only will these be the very first formal workshops I have hosted, but these will be the very first workshops in the new Settlers Barn! I feel very privileged to be holding the inaugural event in our barn and I hope I will make the Settlers team very proud! Anyway, I will be updating you with more details of the workshop very soon. For now we have a few days of crafting to round up from last week!

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