Fame at Last!

The latest version of my wildflower cuff

Hi Crafters!

It’s been a while! Over the lockdown I went through a little bit of rebranding. The jewellery side of George Crafts has really taken off and I’ve been really busy with custom orders and planning social media posts for the retail side of George Crafts. That meant the creativity, crafting and fun side has taken a bit of a back seat.

I am slowly getting the hang of running an actual business and I am trying to streamline the social media accounts. The plan is to get all my ducks in a row for the retail side of George Crafts so I can spend some time making content for my YouTube channel and blog again! At the moment my ducks are not in rows, in fact they rather resemble a scattered flock of pigeons at present, but I promise I am working on it!

There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you while I am wrangling birds, mostly because I am insanely proud of them!

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The Pop Up Shop!

My pop up shop at Scotch Lodge Farm

Hello Lovely People!

How have you all been? I have just about recovered from my pop up shop, which was last Saturday at Scotch Lodge Farm. If you came down to say hello, ordered from me, bought my items – a huge thank you! I had an absolutely fantastic day and I can’t wait to do all again very soon!

There are pop up shops happening at the farm all the time, so if you are local to Northamptonshire please check out their Facebook page and come along and support local businesses and artists like me!

This was my first event since January and in that time I have made a few changes. I spent almost the whole week getting ready for the event. When I had been going to lots of events in December last year I knew exactly where all my stuff was and

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A Brief History of Jewellery

Today jewellery is everywhere. From lab made diamond rings to homemade macaroni necklaces. Maybe you wear a piece of jewellery because it holds sentimental meaning; maybe you wear it just because you like it.

Jewellery has been worn by people for literally thousands of years. Let’s take a look at how jewellery has changed over the years, what it meant to those who wore it and how the significance of jewellery may have changed.

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Crafty Obsessions and Big News!

I love this piece so much! It will be listed in the shop later this week!

Hi Crafties!

How are we all? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As you might expect, my weekend has been filled with crafting.

Regulars here will know I have been “slightly” mad about resin jewellery for a while now. I went to a workshop at Riverside Beads last year and loved it. Ever since I have been trying to make my own beautiful resin creations! I didn’t have a lot of success at the beginning of my resin journey (more than likely because I bought cheap resin!) but since discovering Resin8 and their wonderful products I have been far more successful!

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The Rebrand – Back with a Bang!

This beautiful freshwater pearl ring features on the NEW Facebook page!

Hello Crafties!

How are we all? It is so hot in Kettering today. We were promised thunderstorms today…hmm…doesn’t seem like that is going to happen any time soon!

You will have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately. I have still been crafting and I’ve still been making YouTube videos but that’s been about it. I’m slowly trying to find out what the “new normal” is going to be for me as the lockdown continues but I have been working on a little rebrand!

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Eat, Sleep, Craft, Repeat.

Crochet in the sun is the best!

Hi Crafters!

How are we all doing today? I haven’t done any kind of craft journal or content round up since 23rd March, so I thought I ought to check in with you and let you know all about the activity that has been happening across the blog and our social media channels!

I feel like I’ve been all over the place with my crafting lately. You name it, I’ve done it. The problem is actually finishing what I have started! There has been crochet, knitting, paper crafting, hand sewing, flower pressing, colouring, and much more.

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Let’s Check In…

When the shops run out of bread and you have to make your own…

Hey lovely people!

How are we all doing here? I hope you are all staying safe and keeping yourselves busy and entertained. Things outside are a little crazy right now, so the best thing to do is stay in and craft!

I don’t have a proper Craft Journal for you this week as I have been busy sorting out boring real life things for quite a while. Instead we have a craft round up!

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The Craft Journal – 2nd March

An unexpected piecce of content this week

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to do things a little differently this week. To kick off this week I have a little public service announcement for you all. It started as the intro but it got really long so, here goes:


Grown adults have no business behaving like children! If you are experiencing the fallout from petty and childish adults then I have some things that I want you to know.

Yes their behaviour says everything about them and nothing about you.

That doesn’t mean their behaviour doesn’t hurt and that doesn’t mean that you can’t be upset.

So feel what you feel, don’t apologise for it and don’t let anyone tell you that what you feel is wrong.

So… back to the craft… yes? Ok. Good.

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The Craft Journal – 24th February

I’m pretty impressed with myself so far

Hi Everyone!

For the first time in what feels like forever the sun is out! Hooray! It makes a change from all the rain we’ve been having.

I’ve been busy doing a fair bit of sewing over the last few days, not something I normally do. However I am feeling more confident with my sewing skills so maybe it’s true what they say; practice really does make perfect!

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The Craft Journal – 17th February

This month’s featured flower is the primrose

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’ve had a crafty and productive weekend! I’ve been super busy, this week (as always) with lots of Settlers activities and making a lot of content for the blog!

I am so close to finishing work on the mohair poncho, but the last bit seems to be taking the longest! I am deaparate to get it finished so I will leave this introduction here and get on with my round up!

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