Let’s Check In…

When the shops run out of bread and you have to make your own…

Hey lovely people!

How are we all doing here? I hope you are all staying safe and keeping yourselves busy and entertained. Things outside are a little crazy right now, so the best thing to do is stay in and craft!

I don’t have a proper Craft Journal for you this week as I have been busy sorting out boring real life things for quite a while. Instead we have a craft round up!

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The Craft Journal – 2nd March

An unexpected piecce of content this week

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to do things a little differently this week. To kick off this week I have a little public service announcement for you all. It started as the intro but it got really long so, here goes:


Grown adults have no business behaving like children! If you are experiencing the fallout from petty and childish adults then I have some things that I want you to know.

Yes their behaviour says everything about them and nothing about you.

That doesn’t mean their behaviour doesn’t hurt and that doesn’t mean that you can’t be upset.

So feel what you feel, don’t apologise for it and don’t let anyone tell you that what you feel is wrong.

So… back to the craft… yes? Ok. Good.

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The Craft Journal – 24th February

I’m pretty impressed with myself so far

Hi Everyone!

For the first time in what feels like forever the sun is out! Hooray! It makes a change from all the rain we’ve been having.

I’ve been busy doing a fair bit of sewing over the last few days, not something I normally do. However I am feeling more confident with my sewing skills so maybe it’s true what they say; practice really does make perfect!

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The Craft Journal – 17th February

This month’s featured flower is the primrose

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’ve had a crafty and productive weekend! I’ve been super busy, this week (as always) with lots of Settlers activities and making a lot of content for the blog!

I am so close to finishing work on the mohair poncho, but the last bit seems to be taking the longest! I am deaparate to get it finished so I will leave this introduction here and get on with my round up!

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The Craft Journal – 10th February

The Aftermath of Dennis

Hi Everyone!

Two storm’s in as many weeks. What a great excuse to stay indoors and craft! Our garden fence is rather the worse for wear, having been weakened by Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis managed to finish it off on Sunday morning.

My attempts to be productive and organised are continuing and so far all is going well. As ususal I was busy last week week as usual and I have lots to look forward to this week.

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The Craft Journal – 3rd February

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend and that Monday is treating you kindly so far! This week I have been so busy. I’ve had two days with the Settlers this week aside from all the regular things I do each week. I also feel like I have sent a million emails this week!

For the last few weeks I have been planning a “catch up day” in the diary once a week on a Thursday, and this week is the first week I have actually needed to use it. I’m glad that I’ve started allowing this extra time in the week as it means I don’t lose motivation if things come up and change my plans, I also don’t feel quite so out of control over what is happing on the blog!

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The Craft Journal – 27th January

The newest (and my absolute favourite) piece in the Folksy shop

Hi Craft Fans!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Once again last Monday seems like so long ago! So far I seem to be doing quite well at planning and being productive, long may it continue. I have to say, I do enjoy a good plan. It gives me things to look forward to and I feel a lot more relaxed when I know what I’m going to be dealing with. I also feel a greater sense of achievement when I do the things that I planned to do, rather than just doing things off the cuff. Strange but that’s just how it works for me.

As usual I have been here, there and everywhere; doing this that and the other. I can only assume that being here, you want to know more.

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The Craft Journal – 20th January

This week I took my jewellery on the road to my first event of 2020

Hi Craft Fans!

Is anyone else feeling exhausted today or is it just me? I have had a very busy week of meetings, social commitments, many many emails and diary organising. Then of course there was the first event of 2020 on Sunday. I am absolutely shattered! This week is looking a little more sedate, thank goodness! I’m looking forward to getting some crafting done and hoping for another productive week!

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The Craft Journal – 13th January

One of my favourite new items in the Folksy store

Hi Craft Fans!

This week has felt like the first real week back after Christmas. I have felt really productive and hopefully that’s coming across! I plan to keep up with this.

I already have the next week planned out in the diary and lots of plans for future content! This week will be another busy one as I have a couple of meetings in the diary and my first event of 2020!

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The Craft Journal: 6th January

The first page in the new Settlers’ Diary

Hi craft fans!

I have had a little bit of a strange week. Mr Crafts was supposed to be away in Salt Lake City for work until today, but he came home early as he was unwell! That meant I had to change some plans last minute to go and get him from the airport. It did however mean that I got to go to Woolly Workers on Friday, which was a little bonus!

I actually got quite a few things done this week, although it really doesn’t feel that way. I am hoping for a far more productive week this week. With that in mind I am going to get down to business and kick of the first post of the week!

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