Review – Kuretake Calligraphy II Markers

The spotlight is on Kuretake this week

Hi guys!

Welcome to another calligraphy review! This time I am happy to say that the review is a lot more favourable. Unfortunately social distancing and COVID-19 has put the Settlers’ events on hold for the time being we are looking forward to a time when this is all over and we can put on our fantastic event at a later stage.

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Fibre Fungi

My first forray into felting

Hello Fibre Fans!

I think I have found a new crafty addiction, yes, another one. Today I went to try needle felting for the first time in a workshop at Scotch Lodge Farm. I am happy to report I came home with a pair of needle felted toadstools that I am very happy with. It is possible that I may have gone home via the craft store to pick up some needle felting supplies, but this is of course just speculation.

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Review – Manuscript Callicreative Italic Markers

I’ll be sticking to my fountain pen for personal use!

What? – Callicreative Italic Markers – A set of 12 markers with a chisel tip designed for hand lettering and calligraphy.

Price – £12.76 for 12 markers (£1.63 per marker)

Bottom Line – Good to begin with but nibs deteriorate very quickly, results are better with a felt tip. If buying for yourself, stick to fountain pens!

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Review – Resin8 Petal Trinket Tray Kit

The finished tray

Hello crafty friends!

Some of you will remember I ordered myself a birthday present before I went away. If you want to see the unboxing video, you can click here. Now I have had a little time to get over the jet lag, teach some workshops and do various other things I finally got around to making the petal trinket tray that I ordered from Resin8.

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The Creative Craft Show at the NEC

I made this tree decoration in the second (far more successful) workshop

Hi Crafty Friends!

Last Friday I went to the NEC for the first time. My mum bought me tickets to The Creative Crafting Show for my birthday. We had admission into the VIP area and we were booked into two workshops! We have been to craft shows before, but never at the NEC.

There is so much to tell you about so I am going break the blog post down into sections. We will talk about the workshops, the trade stands, the goody bag and the organisation of the event. So if there is a particular section you want to see, scroll down and stop at the headings that jump out at you!

Before we begin I will give you a brief outline of our day. We arrived early enough, had an interesting time parking the car and getting into the actual show. We visited the VIP area, got our goody bags, we had a pastry before heading to the first workshop.

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Out of the Box with Resin8

Hello Crafters!

What a lovely delivery!

It’s been a while since I have posted here. Since the Meet the Settlers event a few weeks ago I have been feeling exhausted! I have been pottering about and crafting a few projects as well as volunteering on the Settlers project, but I haven’t had the energy to sit and write about everything!

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Review – Acrylic on Canvas Painting Workshop

Keep reading to see how it turns out!

I have never been much of an artist. I get easily frustrated, especially when things don’t look perfect. So what possessed me to sign up for an art workshop I will never know, but I’m very glad I did!

This afternoon I have been at Scotch Lodge Farm and Craft Shop taking part in an acrylic painting workshop with local artist Sandra Costello (check out Sandra’s Facebook page here).

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Harry Potter Knit Your Own Hat, a review

It seems like an eternity ago that I bought these Harry Potter craft kits from Aldi. I have now made two out of the four kits, one crochet project and one knitting project. All kits were priced at £3.99, which is the same price as Aldi’s “so crafty” range of kits.

What is inside a £3.99 craft kit?

In the make your own hat kit there are two balls of yarn in burgundy and one ball in gold (yellow to you and me!). I don’t know how much yarn there is per ball or what the yarn is made of as there are no yarn wrappers and the information is not printed on the box. The kit also contains a set of bamboo knitting needles, a plastic darning needle and a template for a pompom, as well as a pattern to make the hat. If you want to watch an unboxing video, click here.

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Review: Altenew Layering Stamps and Inks

All my Altenew Purchases

I have been a fan of Altenew products for a long time. The first time I ever saw anyone using the layering stamps I was so impressed with how simple the techniques were and how beautiful the results were. So I recently took the plunge and bought myself two sets of Altenew stamps and a set of inks.

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Review: Modern Florals Coordinating Stamps and Dies from The Thirsty Brush & Co

A few weeks ago I bought the “Modern Floral” coordinating stamps and dies from The Thirsty Brush & Co. I spent £29.68 on the collection. For this I got a set of 10 stamps and 8 dies. There are no consumables in the collection. So provided the stamps and dies are looked after they will last forever.

The whole collection

The stamps themselves are great quality. They stick to acrylic blocks very well; the image they leave is crisp and clean and the stamps stamp well every time. The dies are also of good quality and feel strong and robust. They will all fit easily through an A5 sized die cutting machine such as the Snap or the Gemini Junior. The dies fit neatly over the stamped images and are very easy to align.

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