DIY Paper Beads you can make at home!

Hey guys,

I’m here with another project for you! Many parents are resuming home schooling this week, so I thought I would share a project that your children might enjoy too.

To make the paper beads all you need is some paper, old magazines or wrapping paper are great for this, some glues, a pair of scissors and a barbeque stick or pencil.

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Easy Crochet Heart Motif: a free crochet pattern with walkthrough video

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Well I hope! I designed this pattern when several hospitals put out appeals on social media. They have asked crafters to make pair of small flat hearts for the patients they are currently looking after.

The idea is that one heart stays with the patient and one stays with their family. It allow them to feel close to each other at a time when visiting is not allowed due to social distancing measures.

If you want to make hearts for your local hospital, please only do so if they have specifically asked for them. Not all hospitals are accepting the hearts and this is due to their individual policies.

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Free Colouring Sheets

This is one of the designs included in the colouring sheets

Hey guys,

How have you been. Are you climbing the walls yet? Are you looking ahead at a long weekend of quarantine?

To keep you entertained for a short while I have created some digital colouring sheets. There are five in total, which can be downloaded for free. Just click the link below to download the pages. Then print them out and colour them in!

If you decide to colour in any of the patterns please take some pictures and share them with us on social media!

If you decide you would like to BuyMeACoffee, you will have my grateful thanks!

The Drifting Snow Cowl, or COVID-19 and Crafters

Who remembers this?

Hi Craft Fans!

It can’t have escaped your attention that the world is in an unprecidented state of crisis.

Many more people are staying in their homes than ever before and while we all enjoy a bit of quiet time to reflect and relax, for some of us the length of time we are staying in our homes can be very wearing.

I will do my best to create as much free and entertaining content as possible for you to stop you climbing the walls.

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Aternative Belly and Teeth for the Aldi So Crafty Shark

Hello shark fans!

This was finished 41 weeks ago!

You thought I had forgotten didn’t you? It’s ok, I forgive you. It’s been soooooo long since I bought, unboxed, made, reviewed and published a new tail and fins for the Aldi So Crafty crochet shark kit.

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Viking Longship, Free Cutting File

Hello Crafters!

I hope you are having a lovely afternoon! I have been busy at Stanwick Lakes sorting out lots of exciting activities for the Meet the Settlers event, happening on 22nd of this month!

As part of the event there will be a quiz/trail for the children to complete, all about the Viking settlement of the area. To help them navigate the trail I have made some flags.

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Hand Made Heraldry

A fearsome dragon!

Hello Crafters!

This is a first for me. I have never made my own cutting files before!

Right Now the Settlers of the Nene Valley are planning a huge celebration of our local heritage (more on that at a later date!). Anyway, as part of this celebration I have been planning a few activities with some of the other Settlers, including designing a coat of arms.

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Alternative Tail and Fins for Aldi’s So Crafty Shark Crochet Kit

Hello Everyone!

Some of you will remember the review and unboxing videos of the Aldi So Crafty crochet shark kit. Those of you who have read the review will remember that I was not particularly impressed with the pattern. Not only was it poorly written, it was also incomplete!

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Shawl In a Ball: Basic Shawl

Hi Everyone!

Some of you may remember the review I wrote on Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball. If you missed it you can read it here.

I used my Shawl in a Ball on holiday and made this very simple shawl:

My shawl, pictured on the bed of one of the more “interesting” hotel rooms.

I have had a few requests for the pattern, so I have written it up for you. There are instructions on how to add clusters if you wish to, as well as how to make a tassel. You do not have to put the clusters, it is entirely up to you.

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Treasures of the Timbavati Paper Crafting Kit

One of the backing papers available in the kit

Well, I finally did it! The first of the South Africa themed paper crafting kits is here! This kit is all about the animals of the bush. There are lions, hyena, elephants, leopards and even rhino for you to print out and craft with. As always you are welcome to sell what you make, but please don’t sell the printouts! I hope you have a lot of fun crafting with these beautiful animals.