Viking Longship, Free Cutting File

Hello Crafters!

I hope you are having a lovely afternoon! I have been busy at Stanwick Lakes sorting out lots of exciting activities for the Meet the Settlers event, happening on 22nd of this month!

As part of the event there will be a quiz/trail for the children to complete, all about the Viking settlement of the area. To help them navigate the trail I have made some flags.

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Hand Made Heraldry

A fearsome dragon!

Hello Crafters!

This is a first for me. I have never made my own cutting files before!

Right Now the Settlers of the Nene Valley are planning a huge celebration of our local heritage (more on that at a later date!). Anyway, as part of this celebration I have been planning a few activities with some of the other Settlers, including designing a coat of arms.

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Alternative Tail and Fins for Aldi’s So Crafty Shark Crochet Kit

Hello Everyone!

Some of you will remember the review and unboxing videos of the Aldi So Crafty crochet shark kit. Those of you who have read the review will remember that I was not particularly impressed with the pattern. Not only was it poorly written, it was also incomplete!

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Shawl In a Ball: Basic Shawl

Hi Everyone!

Some of you may remember the review I wrote on Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball. If you missed it you can read it here.

I used my Shawl in a Ball on holiday and made this very simple shawl:

My shawl, pictured on the bed of one of the more “interesting” hotel rooms.

I have had a few requests for the pattern, so I have written it up for you. There are instructions on how to add clusters if you wish to, as well as how to make a tassel. You do not have to put the clusters, it is entirely up to you.

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Treasures of the Timbavati Paper Crafting Kit

One of the backing papers available in the kit

Well, I finally did it! The first of the South Africa themed paper crafting kits is here! This kit is all about the animals of the bush. There are lions, hyena, elephants, leopards and even rhino for you to print out and craft with. As always you are welcome to sell what you make, but please don’t sell the printouts! I hope you have a lot of fun crafting with these beautiful animals.



Your Questions Answered!

Hi lovely people! Last week someone got in touch with us because they wanted to know more about different types of inks. So I decided I would make a series of inky videos. The first one looks at the difference between solvent based and water based inks. There is also a cheat sheet at the bottom of the page to help you remember what you learned in the video!

So if you have any crafty questions, get in touch! Your question might just be featured in another video!