Art Journaling: Themed Collage

Hello Journal Lovers!

This week I want to talk about restrictions. Usually we see restrictions as a bad thing. You may think of restrictions as things which can limit our creativity.

I want to look at restrictions from a different perspective. When we find new ways of working within restrictions, we are creating solutions. We are allowing our creativity to grow! This holds true not only for crafting or art. This can apply in our work lives and personal lives. Problem solving is a useful skill to have

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Art Journaling: The Achievement Challenge

Achievement for 12/06/19 – post 5 cards internationally!

This week’s art journaling prompt is all about taking stock of our daily achievements. There is no video tutorial for this week, instead I am launching a social media challenge!

When we have busy lives it can be easy to get overwhelmed with seemingly endless lists of chores.

I know I like to have a list of things to do to give me focus for the week. There is a downside to this. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and things on that list don’t get done. That always leaves me feeling frustrated and irritable! There is a school of thinking that lists can be bad

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Art Journaling – Planning

I have a rather large sewing project to complete this month!

It is so easy to get over whelmed when we are busy. Whether we are busy with work, our personal life or anything else we seldom make time to think about what we actually want to get out of our time. This week’s journaling prompt is all about setting our goals and planning for the month ahead.

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Art Journaling – Making Memories

If you have memories of a lovely day out that you want to treasure then art journaling may be for you!

A lovely day out may not fill a whole scrap book, but dedicating a page in journal to a wonderful day is a perfect way to make use of all the ticket stubs, photos, souvenir post cards and other memories that may otherwise get put in a box and forgotten (or even thrown in the bin!).

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Art Journals: Let’s Learn Together!

Hi everyone!

Make a mixed media journal with us!

Journaling has really taken off in the last few years. We have bullet journals, gratitude journals, dream journals and just about every kind of journal you could think of! All of these journals mean different things to different people. You may have tried some of these journaling techniques yourself.

One of the most popular forms of journaling in recent times is art journaling. If your haven’t heard of this, an art journal is basically a

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