A New Start for 2022

Polymer clay is just so gorgeous!

It’s been a hot minute since I made a blog post, right?! Well a lot has changed over the past year or more at George Crafts Towers.

Writing a craft blog may be profitable for some, but it sure as hell wasn’t for me! So to make a bit of cash I decided I wanted to switch up my crafting game to selling what I made.

The problem with business is that you need a brand identity and you need to find your niche, so I couldn’t just make all my crafts all the time and expect people to know who I was.

I decided to focus on jewellery, but that wasn’t niche enough. Lots and lots of people make jewellery. You can get glass beads from thousands of places and once your piece is finished, what sets your work apart from everyone else?

So I focused down more and ditched the beading (for the most part) and developed some new jewellery skills! I decided I had to learn to make my own components. I developed my resin skills, taught myself wire wrapping and have started a love affair with polymer clay.

I’ve well and truly settled into my niche, and I love my niche…but I want more! 2022 is going to be a huge year for George Crafts Jewellery. I am going to take this business by the horns and kick it into shape.

Each time I wrap a stone I add signature swirls

I have so many goals for this year and I’m so very excited about all of them! I invested in myself and signed up for The Business Box, a subscription box offering training seminars, self development reading, self care and practical business tools. I’ve only had one box so far, but I love it! The next box ships this week and I cannot wait!

My home office will be having a MAJOR make over from a room with stuff in it and a desk to an actual office with a purpose! The storage is being totally worked over, a new and enormous desk is being delivered, there will be space just for resin work and a whole new set of storage is coming. I cannot wait!

I have networking goals, social media goals, marketing goals and more! I also have a whole heap of new product ideas spilling out of my brain! Last year was all about finding my niche. This year is going to be about growth and doing things with purpose!

I want to keep using my blog, as a platform and as a space on the great wide internet that is mine. I’ll use this blog to share my small business journey with you all. The goals, the highs, the lows, all of it.

I created this business, I might not be a hotshot apprentice winner or a self made millionaire but I created this business and I’m bloody proud of it.

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  1. George ,I’m so proud of you.I think the jewelry you are creating now is absolutely beautiful especially your polymer earrings. 2022 is definitely going to be your year .Go for it

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