Art Journaling, Blue Skies Ahead

Hello art journal fans!

I am super excited and happy to bring to you this week’s art journal prompt.

It is a little later than planned and I am blaming the IKEA furniture for this, as I still have not finished putting all the things back in the draws etc!


Todays sky, which does not feature in the video!

It is very easy to get stuck in a creative rut. We get comfortable with doing things a certain way and are afraid to change it in case something goes wrong. Well that is the inspiration for this weeks prompt.

I have been practising creating a sky every day for the last four days with different mediums and techniques. By doing a small piece every day you are not faced with the intimidation a large painting or drawing might bring, and this allows us the confidence to try new things!

Follow along with our video prompt below to find out more!

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