Art Journaling – Smile

No, she did not pose for her portrait

Hello Crafters.

This is slightly later than billed, but as I havn’t gone to bed yet I am still counting this as Wednesday! Our journal prompt this week is a very simple one.

This week create something that makes you smile. This is your opportunity to do whatever you want in your art journal (or outside of your journal if you wish!). Make something for you.

I decided to paint a picture of one of my guinea pigs begging for snacks. Don’t be fooled readers, Monica is in fact very well fed. She just happens to have a very cute pink nose that she uses to manipulate us into giving her more food! Unfortunately she knows just how cute she is, and uses this to its full advantage (very efffectively too I might add!

My “Ta-Dah!” moment

Anyway, the idea of this week’s journaling challenge is not that you try to draw/paint etc. something that looks exactly perfect. It should be the subject of the painting/drawing/collage that is the thing that makes you smile! Obviously it’s a bonus if you are happy with your painting etc.

Remember this is a piece of art for you and no one else. Therefore it doesn’t matter if no one else likes it, you don’t even have to show it to anyone else. However if you would like to share photos of your makes on our Facebook (@georgecraftsblog) or Instagram (@george_crafts) pages we would love to see them!


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