Every Picture Tells a Story – Art Journaling

Hello crafters!

Regular readers will know that Wednesdays are our regular art journaling day. This week’s prompt will encourage us to look at other people’s art in a mindful way.

Some of us are gifted artists, illiustrators and painters. Some of us are not. Gifted or otherwise we can all appreciate the skills of other artists. Some of us prefer photography, others prefer oils or perhaps watercolours or pencil studies. Some of us may like the same things but for diferent reasons.

The first thing to do is to find a picture that you want to write about. It could be from a magazine, a postcard, printed from the internet. It doesn’t matter what you choose, so long as the picture is one you enjoy spending time looking at and thinking about.

Find a blank page and stick the picture in your journal. Now you are ready to write about the picture. You can write on the picture or around the outside of it, it doesn’t matter. I have written on and around the picture.

First look at the picture, what strikes you about it? This might be the colour, an object in the picture, a person. Label these things and write about what you see, and what you are thinking.

Now, does the picture make you ask any questions? Is there a door in the picture? If there is what is behind it? Perhaps there is a person or an animal in the picture, if so how did they get there? What are they doing? What are they thinking about. Whatever thoughts you have when you are looking at the picture, allow them to flow and write them down as they come to you.

Next think about what is absent from the picture. The picture I have chosen is a water colour painting of a room. The decor is minimal and there is a cupboard, if this was my house there would be clutter/shoes etc. under the cupboard. There is nothing like this in the picture. Perhaps there is something similar missing from your chosen picture.

Finally think about what might be happening outside the frame of the picture. What is going on outside of the window or the door? What part of the world is the picture in?

By looking at a picture in this way your mind is focused only on what is going on in the picture at the time, not thinking about what you have to cook for dinner, when the next bill needs to be paid or replying to emails. You are being mindful when you are writing down your thoughts, now you have a new appreciation of why you like looking at a particular picture that goes beyond it looking nice.

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