Art Journaling – Mixed Media Collage

Beach scene in acrylic on canvas

Hello Crafters!

Some of you may have seen my foray into painting with acrylics. Well this week’s art journaling prompt has taken some inspiration from the acrylics workshop and some from my preparations for last week’s Crafternoon.

Intrigued? Well keep reading to find out more!

Around this time last week I was busy chopping up old magazines to prepare for some journaling at the Crafternoon. When gathering my magazine clippings I spotted so many images I wanted to collage with, so this week’s journaling prompt was born!

Music, fresh air and a lovely refreshing drink.

One of the magazine clippings was about social media, how it can be harmful for our mental health and how it is is easy to lose time scrolling through posts of other people’s perfect lives. The clipping talked about spending 48 hours offline and spending that time on self care instead. So I plan to do this starting tomorrow!

Must finish crochet projects!!!

This week I have made a collage full of ideas for my 48 hours of self care. These ideas include finishing some of my (many) crochet projects, sitting in the garden with a refreshing drink, listening to music and finding podcasts to listen to to!

You can make a collage based on whatever you want, using whatever you want! If you would like to have a go at making a graduated acrylic background ffor your collage I will show you how to do that too! All you’ve got to do is gather your supplies and watch the video below!

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