Art Journaling: Themed Collage

Hello Journal Lovers!

This week I want to talk about restrictions. Usually we see restrictions as a bad thing. You may think of restrictions as things which can limit our creativity.

I want to look at restrictions from a different perspective. When we find new ways of working within restrictions, we are creating solutions. We are allowing our creativity to grow! This holds true not only for crafting or art. This can apply in our work lives and personal lives. Problem solving is a useful skill to have

This week our journal prompt puts this into practise. Create a collage around a theme, this collage should spread across two pages of your journal.

The theme can be anything you choose. I have chosen the colour green. You might want to choose a particular colour, word, animal, country. You can choose anything you want.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • colours
  • countries
  • maps
  • towns
  • the garden
  • flowers
  • animals

After you have chosen the theme of your collage gather your supplies. I have used washi tape, post cards, stickers, envelopes, tags, stamps, pens scraps of paper and made illustrations. You can use whatever you want, so long as it works in line with your theme.

Lay out your items on the page and take time to position them. If you are using tags, cards or envelopes consider writing on the back of them or tucking things into the envelope. If you are not using these things, leave some space for writing.

When you are happy with your layout stick everything into place. Add any stamps, illustrations, colour washes etc. Finally in the blank spaces and/or on the back of some tags or postcards ad some text. You can write about your theme, how you made your collage, or what you thought about when you were making your collage. You might want to write something completely different.

I hope you all enjoy this weeks prompt! If you make a collage it would be great to see some photos! You can email them to or sent them to us on Facebook (@georgecraftsblog) or Instagram (@george_crafts).

Combine colour washes, stamps and drawings!

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