Art Journaling: The Achievement Challenge

Achievement for 12/06/19 – post 5 cards internationally!

This week’s art journaling prompt is all about taking stock of our daily achievements. There is no video tutorial for this week, instead I am launching a social media challenge!

When we have busy lives it can be easy to get overwhelmed with seemingly endless lists of chores.

I know I like to have a list of things to do to give me focus for the week. There is a downside to this. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and things on that list don’t get done. That always leaves me feeling frustrated and irritable! There is a school of thinking that lists can be bad

for us, if we don’t complete the list we might feel we have failed. This can negatively impact our self esteem, mood and mental health.

Your achievements don’t have to be world beating!

For the next four weeks I challenge you to think of one thing you have achieved every day. Then record this achievement in your journal in any way you choose. I have chosen to make small drawings to represent each of my achievements and I will be sharing pictures on our Instagram account (@george_crafts) with the hashtag #achievementchallenge

If you want to get involved with the challenge make sure you use the hashtag so we can celebrate your achievements with you!

Your achievements can be small, anything counts! Taking the bin out, replying to that text, making your bed; all good. Small achievements are what keeps day to day life running smoothly! Your achievements can be personal, professional, practical. It really doesn’t matter! The whole point of the challenge is that we are a little kinder to ourselves!

Below you will see the layout of my journal for the achievement challenge. You are more than welcome to copy this layout, or make up your own!

At the top off the page is the heading and the hashtag for this challenge. I have then separated the page into four rows. Each of the four rows is divided into seven segments, one for each day of the week.

I have completed the first three days of week number one with a small drawing. A laptop in the first segment represents getting two reviews written and posted online. The flower represents going to a Settlers of the Nene Valley Garden talk. The post card and stamp represents getting involved with and posting my first post cards for post crossing.

I would love for you all to get involved with this challenge! So please, please, please share your photos with us online!

Remember, take time to celebrate the small stuff!

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