Out of the Box with Resin8

Hello Crafters!

What a lovely delivery!

It’s been a while since I have posted here. Since the Meet the Settlers event a few weeks ago I have been feeling exhausted! I have been pottering about and crafting a few projects as well as volunteering on the Settlers project, but I haven’t had the energy to sit and write about everything!

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What’s On in Craft? – Jewellery Making Workshops

Want to make beautiful jewellery inspired by local history?

When: 29/10/19 and 05/11/19

What: Jewellery Making Workshop with Settlers of the Nene Valley (Children ages 9/10 and up in October, Adults in Novemeber)

Where: The Settler’s Ancestral Barn, Stanwick Lakes, Northamptonshire (directions, click here)

Cost: Free!

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The Craft Journal – 26th September

Hi Crafters!

All of these projects will be made over the two jewellery making wokshops

Today I have been down to Stanwick Lakes organising two jewellery making workshops which will be happening in October and November! I am very excited. Not only will these be the very first formal workshops I have hosted, but these will be the very first workshops in the new Settlers Barn! I feel very privileged to be holding the inaugural event in our barn and I hope I will make the Settlers team very proud! Anyway, I will be updating you with more details of the workshop very soon. For now we have a few days of crafting to round up from last week!

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The (Bumper) Craft Journal – 16th September

Hello Crafters!

It’s been a while since I posted and I have been very busy. I think I’ve only just recovered from a busy but fantastic week with the Settlers of the Nene Valley. Now that our Meet the Settlers event is over we are busy planning the next Settlers activities!

Monday 16th September

I wanted to start the week with a bang, so I chose some pieces of jewellery from the pieces I had been making over the past few days to photograph. Then I listed them all in my Folksy store. There are several bracelets and necklaces all in different styles so I hope there is something for everyone there! If you would like to view any of the pieces, click here.

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The Craft Journal – 9th September

My first ever online sale!

Hello Crafters!

Last week was so busy, and this week is shaping up to be the same. It is the final week of preparations before the Meet the Settlers event at Stanwick Lakes on Sunday and I anticipate much of the week will be spent working on this! I have been beading away furiously in the last few days so I had best get on with this so I can get listing the new items in the Folksy Store!

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The Mobius Knot

These earrings look complicated, but they are beautifully simple!

Hello Crafters!

This week we are taking a break from art journaling to bring you a jewellery project!

I have been busy making a lot of chainmaille jewellery for the Settlers project of late and I thought you might like to try it yourselves.

Don’t worry, not all chainmaille is heavy burdensome armour! Chainmaille can be and is very beautiful!

In this project we will make a pair of earrings with the Mobius Knot motif. If you dont want to make earrings you coud add the motif to a chain to make a simple pendant or you could join lots of knots together and make a bracelet!

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Viking Longship, Free Cutting File

Hello Crafters!

I hope you are having a lovely afternoon! I have been busy at Stanwick Lakes sorting out lots of exciting activities for the Meet the Settlers event, happening on 22nd of this month!

As part of the event there will be a quiz/trail for the children to complete, all about the Viking settlement of the area. To help them navigate the trail I have made some flags.

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The Craft Journal – September 2nd

Paper beads are great fun and easy to make!

Hello Crafters,

Once again Monday has graced us with its presence and another week stretches out before us! Worry not, as there will be crafts a plenty to keep you entertained.

Last week was a busy one in the Crafts house due to all the IKEA furniture arriving and being built. The house is still in disarray as I type but I am hoping to get it all sorted out throughout the week!

Anyway, there have been a lot of exciting goings on in the world of craft over the last seven days, so I best get on with things.

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The Craft Journal – 27th August

The spread I never published

Hello Crafters,

Last week seems so far away again. I am feeling a little guilty at the moment as I feel like I have been neglecting you guys for the past couple of weeks. I have still been very busy crafting, but I have not had so much time to tell you all about it.

You may have noticed that last week we did not have our usual art journaling post. There are a few reasons for this, that I will tell you all about later, but I have now decided that the art journaling post will be published every two weeks, but there will be a little something else to keep you entertained on the weeks that we are not art journaling!

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